Shady Grove Church Lot deed

This deed is either original or was transcribed by hand, probably at the same time the original was filed. It describes the position of the land and the conditions of the transfer.

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The text of the deed is also included:

Back of deed (jpg img - 42K)
Celia Trent & others
To [scribble] deed.

Shady Grove Church Lot
August 31st 1871
acknowledged by
Marion . W. Heron
Ignatious . Hazelle
Celia Trent and
Mary A. Hazelle
Dowers relinquis
C.W. Thompson C M cc
By J. L. [Wilcoxson?] [something]
Recorded In Deed
Book 2 Page 155

   Tax paid

     This indenture, made and entered into, this the 18th day
of August, 1871, between Celia Trent, Marion W. Herring
and Mary A. Hazel & her husband Ignatius Hazel, heirs
of Washington Herring, [dec'd?], of the county of Metcalfe state
of Kentucky, parties of the first part and William H.
Nunn, Richard N. Atwill, N. D. Houk, Samuel N. Davis
and Willis Atwill (Trustees) of county and state afore
said, parties of the Second part, witnesseth that for
the respect of said parties have fore the dissemination of
Religious knowledge and for the purpose of a suitable
place for the worship of Almighty God, the said parties
of the first part have given, and by these [presents?] do give,
grant, alien and convey into the said parties of the second
part, as Trustees for the United Baptist, the Methodist
Episcopal and Cumberland Presbyterian Denominations
a certain piece or parcel of land, containing one acre, being
and lying in said county of Metcalfe, on the waters of Little
Barren River, about 1 1/2 miles Northwardly of the town of Center
on which is now erected a house of worship, known as Shady
Grove meeting house, and is bounded as followeth, to wit,
beginning at a stone between a Red oak & Dogwood in Ralston's line
thence, a new line, N. 58 E. 14 3/4 poles to a Stone, thence, another
new line, N. 51 1/2 W 13 poles 14 links to a stone in the old [Winlock?]
line, thence, along the same, S 38 1/2 W. 15 1/2 poles to a stone, thence
with said Ralston's line, S. 61 3/4 E. 8 poles 20 links to the place
of beginning.  To have & to hold the said piece or parcel of land
with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging (except
the Nail timber) to the said parties of the second part, as Trustees
aforesaid, and their Successors forever, and the said parties of
the first part do covenant and agree to warrant & forever
defend the right & title of the within described piece or
parcel of land to be free from the claim or claims
of themselves, their heirs and assigns forever, with this
express understanding, that if said piece or parcel of
Pg 1 of deed (jpg image - 152KB)
Pg 2 of deed (jpg image - 113KB)
land should cease to become a place of worship & should
unfortunately become exclusively devoted to some other pur-
pose or should any or all of the above denominations above
named be willfully debarred the privilege of worshipping
Almighty God according to the dictates of their own
conscience, then (and not till then) said piece or parcel
of land shall revert to those who give it.
     In testimony of all of which the said parties of
the first part have herunto set their hands and
affixed their seals the day and date first above written

                                  Celia Trent     (seal)
                                   M + W Herron   [seal]
                                   Mary A Hazelle [seal]
                           Ignatious + Hazell

State of Kentucky
Metcalfe County [Set?]
I C.W. Thompson Clerk of the County Court
of the county aforesaid do certify that the foregoing
deed from Celia Trent & To the Trustees of
Shady Grove Church ^ was on the 31st day of
August, 1871 produced to J. L. [Wilcoxon?] an
acting deputy for me and acknowledged
by the said Celia Trent & M W. Herron Mary A
Hazell and Ignatious Hazell to be their act
and deed in due form of law Whereupon
the same and this certificate is Recorded
in my office.
Given under my hand September 6th 1871
                                  C W. Thompson Clerk
The following individuals are listed in the deed:

  • Marion Washington HERRON {@1846-@1887}


  • Celia [MILLER] Trent (Celie [MILLER], HERRON)

  • Mary A. [HERRON] HAZELLE {@1843-?}

  • William H. NUNN

  • Richard N. ATWILL

  • N. D. HOUK

  • Samuel N. DAVIS

  • Willis ATWILL



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