Will of Tarpley Oldham

This was a typewritten transcription for the will of Tarpley Oldham. The transcriber's identity is unknown, and it is somewhat obvious that no attempt was made on his/her part to preserve formatting. I have kept all spelling & formatting (strikethroughs shown in brackets after Xs, hand corrections shown in brackets before the words corrected). I do not currently know what relation Tarpley is to my tree (except that my tree does include Oldhams), so I'm afraid I can't help you if you want that info.

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The text of the will is also included:

First Page (jpg img - 119K)
                  WILL  of  TARPLEY  OLDHAM
                   Barren County, Kentucky
                        May 12, 1837

In the name of God, Amen, or be it remembered that I, Tarpley Oldham, of the
County of Barren abd state of Kentucky, being weak in body and sound and per-
fect in mind and memory, blessed be the Almighty God for the same, i do make
this my last will and testament, in manner and form following:  This is to say-
     I give and bequeath unto my son Bishop Oldham a black boy named Isreal.

     Item - I give and bequeath unto my son,James T. Oldham,one black boy nam-
ed Willis

     Item - I give to my son, Caleb Oldham, one black boy named [J]Iorddan

     Item - I give to my daughter,Mary Ann Oldham, one negro girl named Mahala

     Item - I give to my daughter, Louisa Jane Oldham, one negro girl named
     Item - I give and bequeath unto my loving wife, Amy Oldham, one negro wo-
            man named Jane and child named Nathan, one negro man named Silas.
            It is my will that my wife have the three negroes named above, to
            have and to hold during her natural life, and after her death, they
            and their increase are to be equally divided between all of my
            children or their heirs.  Also, my five other negros that have not
            been named above, it is my desire that after my death they and their
            increase to be equally divided between all of my children, after my
            four ildest daughters, towit, Elisabeth Shockley, Sally XX Pedigo,
            Susanna Page and Rebecca Carter, each of these axxxxxxx[according] accounting
            for one hundred dollars that each of them have drawn out of my es-
            tate.  The last five negroes that were not named I will now name,
            them: Charith,  Isaac,  [J]Iannet(?), Henly, George.

     Item - I give to my son, Bishop Oldham, one tract of land, known by the
            name of my Nob Tract, containing by survey, one hundred and fifty

     Item - I give to my son, James T. Oldham, my old plantation where I mov-
            ed from to this place, containing by survey, one hundred and sev-
            enty-five acres

     Item - I give to my son, Caleb, the tract where I now live on, containing
            two two hubdred acres, also one field containing about 10 acres
            joining this place and lying on the branch North from this home.

     Item - All the rest of the land sold and divided equally amongst all of
            the children.

     Item - It is my will and desire that my wife have the plantation where we
            now live on during her natural life.  Also, i give my wife three
            horses named Blaze, Snip, and Saltrum, her livetime and after her
            death the horses equally divided between all my children, after
            giving my two youngest daughters one horse each of them.

     Item - My sons James and Caleb Oldham to have two cows, one each of them.

     Item - I give to my wife one ox waggon and two yoke of steers, vis. Ben a
            and Dick and Sam and Lyon.  Also, four cows and calves.  it is my
            desire and will that all my household and kitchen furnature and

             farming utensils on the farm and my wife have them during her nat-
             ural life, one bureau and cupboard.  Is my will that my two young-
            est daughters have them also one cow and bed and new saddle.  The
            saddle each worth about 18 or 20 dollars.  One horse, each of them.
             The saddles to be bought out of the estate.

     Item - One yoke of oxen and the rest of the cattle and balance of horses
            and sheep, after reserving fifteen head of sheep for the benifit of
            my wife, one rwo horse waggon, one set of blacksmmith tools.  The
           tools not to be sild untill after March n ext.  The rest of to be sold
            after my death and all equally divided between all my children.

     Item - I give my son, James T. Oldjam, and Caleb Oldham, one bed and fur-
            nature, each of them.

     Item - It is my desire that my executor that will be named here after pay
            all my lawful debts and demands out of the money of the sale after
            my death.

     Item - All of my tobacco to be sold and equally divided between all my

     Item - All the property that is named to my wife afterher death to be e-
            qually devided between all my children equally.

     Item - I give my rifle gun to my son Caleb.

     Item - It is my desire that my executors, that is to say, I appoint my sons
            William Oldham, Bishop Oldham, and in case one dies or out of the
            way, my son James T. Oldham my executors of this my last will and
            testament.  In testamony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal
            this 12th of May 1837.                                his
                                                            TarpleyxOldham ["seal" drawn]
Signed, sealed in the presence of us
 William Anderson
 William H. McInteer
 Squire Griggs

Barren County Set. August term 1837

The foregoing writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Tarpley
Oldham, desc., having been offered for proof at the July term and - objected to
the same was again taken up and proven in due from of law by the xxxxxxxxxx
oath of William Andersonand Squire Griggs, subscribing witnesses thereto and
ordered to be recorded as the last will of said Tarpley Oldham, desc.

                                                      T. J. Helm, Clerk
Second Page (jpg image - 86KB)

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